Lighten Up! Using Light in Designs


L i g h t e n      U p!


i n      s i g h t!


Lighten Up!  is a workshop developed after Alice learned about lighted bookmarks from Mariano, Mario and Allie from Parachute Factory in 2014!  Since then and with much input from co-presenters in our Lighten Up! Outreach Workshops around NM, Lighten Up! has become a way of looking at everyday things! Because of the excitement generated by some of the displays in our workshops, in addition to our original Lighten Up! Outreach Workshops, we developed more advanced ones that included several single color (or flashing) LED, rechargeable batteries, addressable RGB LED, programmable microcontrollers and much more for tinkerers of all ages and abilities!

We have been very fortunately that people of all ages have been just as excited about our lighted projects as we had in making them! THANK YOU for all your enthusiasm and support! We will be moving and have suspended our workshops.

THANK YOU for your help to Lighten Up! our years here!


On December 3rd, the 11th annual Holidays Take Flight was held at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum.  We lit up a corner of the upstairs Crafts area to help families make their unique Holiday greeting cards, ornaments and snowpersons to keep or give away!

Invention Dimension hosted Making Monster Bags on October 22nd from 1 – 3pm.  We helped light up the little Monsters!  🙂

The following is a short description of our Bubonicon 49 Workshop.

This will be a combined Introduction and Intermediate workshop.  We expect that all attendees are familiar with sewing by hand but previous experience with conductive thread is not necessary … you’ll learn that HERE!

In this workshop, we’ll show you how to sew a parallel circuit into a choker/sleeve garter/etc. that lights up!  Using up to 5 sewable LED, a switched battery holder (battery included!), conductive thread and craft materials you’ll make a choker/sleeve garter/etc. to take home with you.  Also, we can give you pointers or advice about your own e-textile projects.  We’ll have lots of examples for your next Lighted Project!

We will have different types of conductive thread for you to feel/touch but will use one that we find easiest to use — the Adafruit thin conductive thread.  We will have two types of sewable LED — the slightly larger LilyPad LED (in white, yellow, red, pink, green and blue) and the slightly brighter Adafruit LED (in white, red, rose, green and blue).  Choose the one you like better — we don’t recommend mixing the two types.  The switched battery holder makes it easy to turn your choker/sleeve garter/etc. on and off!

Our first series of Beginner (8th), Intermediate (15th) and Advanced I (22nd) workshops were presented in October 2016 — just in time for Halloween and the Holidays!

Introduction to Lighted E-Textiles

Using an LED, conductive thread, coin-sized battery and holder, and craft materials, make a bookmark that lights up – bright enough to read by!

Intermediate Lighted E-Textiles

Use several LED, conductive thread and coin-sized battery and holder to create a project of your choice.  Suggestions for projects include chokers, sleeve garters, bracelets and Holiday ornaments.

Workshop price includes 5 LED, conductive thread, sewing needle, battery holder with on/off switch and small selection of ribbons/felt/beads will be provided. Feel free to bring your own hat or special accessory to Lighten Up! 

Advanced Lighted E-Textiles I

Bring your existing project to Lighten Up!  Enhance your existing projects — such as embroidery and beaded art work – with some LIGHT! Use LED, conductive thread and rechargeable LiPo battery to LIGHTEN UP! your current project.

Workshop price includes 5 LED, conductive thread, sewing needle, LiPo battery and LiPo battery holder/charger.  

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