IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Advancing Technology for Humanity


Cyborg Drumming Arm Makes Amputee Into Superhuman Musician: IEEE, March
“Naked Truths” About Wearable Electronics: IEEE, March
The Latest DIY Craze: Brain Hacking: IEEE, March
Smartphone Voting Reduces User Errors in Mock Election: IEEE, March
Electrical Stimulator to Prevent Migraines Receives FDA Approval: IEEE, March
Putting Electronics in People: IEEE, March
Myo Armband Provides Effortless Gesture Control of Robots, Anything Else: IEEE, February
Nanomotors Could Churn Inside of Cancer Cells to Mush
: IEEE, February
A Hearing Device With No Stigmatizing External Hardware
: IEEE, February
Amputee Successfully Feels Prosthetic Grip Strength Via Arm Electrodes
: IEEE, February
Google working on Smart Contact Lenses to Monitor Diabetes: IEEE, January
BlueStar, the First Prescription-Only AppIEEE, January
When Will We Have Robots To Help With Household Chores?IEEE, January


NeuroPace: Controlling Epilepsy With a Brain ImplantIEEE, December
The U.S. BRAIN Initiative Boldly BeginsIEEE, December
“Princess Machine”: Encouraging Girls in STEM with a Rube Goldberg Contraption Music VideoIEEE, November
Electric Device That Tells You When to Pee
IEEE, November
Teeny Tiny Pacemaker Fits Inside the HeartIEEE, October
Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Paralyzed Rat’s GaitIEEE, October
Spinal Stimulation Gets Paralyzed Patients Moving
IEEE, October
The Race To Get Your Hands Off The WheelIEEE, Sepember
News for Nose: Machines Use Odor to Diagnose Disease
IEEE, September
Becoming Bionic: Engineering Beyond BiologyIEEE, August
Electronic Skin Lights Up When TouchedIEEE, August
Bionic Skin for a Cyborg You
IEEE, August
Prosthetic Limbs Offer a Sense of Touch
IEEE, August
The Future of Pharmaceuticals Could Be Electronic ImplantsIEEE, July
The History of Hearing Aids
: IEEE, July
A Pacemaker for Your Digestive SystemIEEE, June
Building Smarter WheelchairsIEEE, June
“Bionic Eye” Implants Will Hit The U.S. Market This YearIEEE, February


iCandy: Robots and UsIEEE, December
Wearable Computers the Size of Buttons to Monitor HealthIEEE, December
Artificial Skin Can Feel and Heal
: IEEE, Nov
Bebionic3 Cyborg Hand is Perfect for Pouring a Beer, Doing Almost Anything Else:IEEE, November
The New Medicine: Hacking Our Biology
 (An IEEE Spectrum, NSF Radio Special)
Toyota’s New Human Support Robot Gives Disabled Humans a Hand (and an Arm)IEEE, October
Brain-Computer Interface for Spinal Cord InjuryIEEE, September
Paraplegic Patient Tests a Medical ExoskeletonIEEE, September
Hardware-in-Loop Heart Simulator Takes Top Test System HonorsIEEE, August
Training the Brain for HappinessIEEE, August
Cheap, Pressure-Sensing ‘Electronic Skin’IEEE, August
Prosthetics: A Career That Changes LivesIEEE, July
Prosthetics of the Future: Driven by Thoughts, Powered by Bodily FluidsIEEE,June
Middle Ear MEMS Microphone Could Restore HearingIEEE, May
Algorithms Replace Spinal Cord in New Approach to Neural ProstheticsIEEE,April
How to Control a Prosthesis With Your Mind: IEEE, March
Birth of the Bionic EyeIEEE, January


Ekso Exoskeleton Hits the MarketIEEE, December


A Retinal Prosthesis Turned On By LightIEEE, November
A Belt for Better BalanceIEEE, October
Synthetic Skin Sensitive to the Lightest Touch
IEEE, September


The Revolution Will Be ProsthetizedIEEE, January


“Nerds Girls” — TV Program Challenges StereotypesIEEE, May


Born to RunIEEE, November


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