Land of Enchantment

“The future is the revolution that empowers every single human being on a custom basis and I think it’s the next step for humanity that is necessary to move from the last stages of barbarism into a golden age of science and democracy.  We’re not going to have science and democracy until each person is empowered to live their god-given potential and it’s not going to happen by accident.  It’s going to happen when we make it happen.” — Justin Dart, Jr. (1930 – 2002)


The Maker movement attracts people of all disciplines into a world where they can create, make or customize. Here in the Land of Enchantment, we are working to cultivate individual self-reliance and local community empowerment through education of accessibility and assistive technologies in workshops we present at various locations in New Mexico.

Please help us spread the word and the know-how!

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