DIY articles

Interesting on-line articles on DIY and DIY projects.

How to Automate Your Home Without Rewiring: IEEE, April 2014
How to Brew Your Own Conductive Ink
: IEEE, December 2013
The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Electronics Kits: IEEE, December 2013
A DIY Tor Wi-Fi Access Point: IEEE, October 2013
Hack Your Own Wireless Leash: IEEE, July 2013
The DIY Kid-tracking Drone: IEEE, November 2012

Open-source, open world (9 TED talks):

How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination: June 2012
The year open data went worldwide: March 2010
Massive-scale online collaboration: December 2011
The art of asking: March 2013
How cognitive surplus will change the world: June 2010
The birth of Wikipedia: August 2006
Coding a better government: March 2012
The era of open innovation: June 2007
The currency of the new economy is trust: September 2012

The military case for sharing knowledge: TED, March 2014

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Advancing Technology for Humanity
TED: Ideas worth spreading

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