Custom Designs

Got   an   idea?


W e        h e l p        m a k e        y o u r

c u s t o m       d e s i g n s       c o m e       t o       l i f e!


We encourage affordable innovative designs.  Our budget, like yours, is limited.  Whether we are bringing your designs to life or working on a joint design to suit your needs, we use inexpensive parts that do not compromise the integrity of the design.  As much as possible, we use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) parts that are not made by just one manufacturer.  If a manufacturer stops producing a part crucial to our design, we are not stuck without replacements.  Examples of COTS parts are bicycle parts, scooter batteries, and analog thumbsticks.  In addition, the competition between manufacturers keeps COTS part prices low.

Custom designs may be simply custom combinations.  We implement the Plug-and-Play idea (PnP) which is widely used in the computer and electronics industries (examples are the myriad of USB-devices) but not in the mobility products industry.  PnP is more recently used in the aerospace industry to shorten the time it takes to bring complex designs from inception to fully usable implementations.

Using the PnP idea, you can help revolutionize the assistive technology (AT) and mobility industries.

Please NOTE that designs at our website benefitted from many projects in the Public Domain, both directly and indirectly.  In turn, all of our projects remain in the Public Domain.  We hope you will take ideas presented here as well as our workshops, improve them and share them!

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