Updated Face Shield Design

As we are able to obtain different materials* for our face shields, we have been able to update our face shield design. Fortunately, the headbands — ingeniusly redesigned by Tanda at Vanguard Technology Corp — are reused for our latest version (V3).

The V3 clear cover is 0.007″ thick — about twice as thick as our previous version — and is a bit longer to give better coverage of the forehead areas. It is still very light and comfortable.

We want to THANK everyone who provided feedback on our original face shields! Please feel free to continue to send us your comments and suggestions!

*Our original version was made of ABS plastic (headband) and celluose acetate (clear cover). The V3 headbands are the same as the original, however, the clear covers are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) — slightly more scratch-resistant.

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