Open-Source face shield

Tanda and Alice have been modifying the North American version version of an open source face shield that we hope can be easily replicated by makers anywhere. Our designs are based on this design.

Picture of face shield from:

Tanda at Vanguard Technology Corp. worked on the headband. She straightened parts of the design so that many units may be nested and cut with laser, waterjet or similar cutters. These are currently cut from 1/4″ ABS sheets.

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Alice at 505access worked on the clear cover. The holes in the version using a North American 3-hole punch fit the headband exactly. Anticipating this portion to be disposible with emergency workers’ need to replace this portion quickly when it is soiled, the shape of the holes were modified. The holes made by a 3-hole punch is round but the laser/waterjet/etc. cut headband has square pegs. So four of the holes are now squares with rounded corners but two were elongated to minimize tearing. These are currently made from write-on transparency film (to improve clarity) but are being improved to use clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic instead.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Clear Cover for Face Shield”]

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