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This is a continuation of the discussion started in the post, Off-road Power Wheelchair (OPW) and OPW — Clarifications and Design Plans.


In our previous post, we listed specifications for several off-road power wheelchairs.

Make/ModelClaimed RangeLoad CapacityCost in U.S. Dollars (USD)
Viking 4x4“19 miles”352lbs$9,987
Action Trackchair“6 miles"n/a$15,000
BIG Bounder H-Framen/a500 lbs$11,995
Global Extreme Nomadn/an/a$7,495
Freedom 6x6“3 hours"n/a$11,000
P4 Country 4x4“18 miles”262 lbsn/a
Ziesel Tracked All Terrain“5 hours”n/a$30,000
V6 Frontier Off Road Powerchair“20 miles”400 lbs$13,665
X8 Extreme All Terrain Power Chair“25 miles”400 lbs$15,995
Trac About All Terrain Power Chair"12 miles"350 lbs$18,498


This month New Mobility magazine had an interesting article on Track Vehicles.  This article included manufacturers of the wheelchairs highlighted — Action Trackchair, Tank Chair and Trackmaster.  The website for the first two included specifications of their wheelchairs but the latter did not.  However, only the Action Trackchair listed its range — 6 miles/charge, for both the Action Trackchair and the Action Trackstander.  Neither listed the load capacity (rider weight) for their track vehicles.

According to New Mobility, “[P]rices range generally from $10,000 to $15,000.”  From the Tank Chair website, both the Tankchair and the Speedster, had a starting price of $19,500.  Also, according to New Mobility, “TC Mobility [maker of the Tankchair] is now so busy manufacturing and meeting orders for vets that [the company] has decided [to] temporarily stop taking orders from private, non-vet parties.”  So this limits the options of manufacturers of track vehicles at this time!

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