Shopping cart pusher

There are power-carts at many store and supermarkets.  These are electric scooters with small shopping baskets attached for use while at the store.  These power-carts are very useful for many shoppers who are able to stand and walk a little.  But for the ones who arrive at the store in her/his own wheelchair, transferring to a power-carts is difficult if not impossible.  Shopping becomes a challenge in balancing a basket on one’s lap or one of strength and coordination in pushing both the wheelchair and cart and not running into the narrow isles or over someone’s foot.

Gary1 is helping us design and make a device that attaches his wheelchair to a shopping cart.  The idea is that once the two are attached, he just has to push his wheelchair and not both his cart and wheelchair.

1 Gary has been a quadriplegic for 30+ years and instigated this discussion!

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