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Robotic Micro-Scallops Can Swim Through Your Eyeballs: IEEE, November
In South Carolina, A Program That Makes Apprenticeships Work: NPR, November
Vibrating Shoes Restore Balance for Seniors: IEEE, November
How to Make a Steerable Robot With Just One Single Motor: IEEE, October
Car Thieves Use Handheld Electronics to Steal Keyless Cars: IEEE, October
Stories of Invention
: New Mobility, September
Vagus Nerve Implant Fails to Fix Heart Failure
: IEEE, September
Mind-blowing Advance? Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication Between Humans Demonstrated: IEEE, September
310,000 Healthcare.gov Enrollees Must Provide Proof Now or Lose Insurance: IEEE,
Valencell’s Optic Sensors Take Your Pulse From Your Ear: IEEE, September
Apple Watch’s Wristful of Sensors and MEMS: IEEE, September
Review: The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier: IEEE, September
DIY Muscle-Memory Programmer: IEEE, August
How to Catch Brain Waves in a Net
: IEEE August
Medicine’s Next Big Mission: Understanding Wellness: IEEE August
New Eye Sensor Could Be Boon for Glaucoma Patients: IEEE August
Building Mind-Controlled Gadgets Just Got Easier: IEEE August
DARPA Project Starts Building Human Memory Prosthetics: IEEE, August
Lasers Switch Bad Memories to Good in Mice: IEEE, August
Contraceptive Implant Hands Women Remote Control: IEEE, July
No Need for Reading Glasses With Vision-Correcting Display: IEEE, July
Contraceptive Implant Hands Women Remote Control
: IEEE, July
Nanoparticles Improve Stroke Treatment: IEEE, July
DARPA Wants a Memory Prosthetic for Injured Vets — and Wants It Now: IEEE, July
A YouTube Video Is Doctor’s Secret Weapon Against Back Pain
: NPR, July
Hey, Miss Idaho, Is That An Insulin Pump On Your Bikini?
: NPR, July
BMW 3D prints new thumbs for factory workers
: The Guardian, July
Facebook’s Secret Experiment: The Era of Manipulation Has Begun
: IEEE, Jun
The Drive for Driverless Cars: Automated vehicles are coming, but will they be fun?
: IEEE, June
Google Fit Wants to Rule All Your Wearable Health, Fitness Devices: IEEE: June
Neuroscientists Join the Open-Source Hardware Movement
: IEEE, June
The Bike Helmet That Reads Your Brainwaves
: IEEE, June
Medtronic Wants to Implant Sensors in Everyone: IEEE, June
Prickless Glucose Monitor That Uses Spit Takes Giant Step Forward: IEEE, June
Wrist Sensor Tells You When to Chug a Gatorade: IEEE, June
U.S. Military Aims for Brain Implants to Treat Wounded Soldiers: IEEE, June
Cancer Bursting Nanobubbles Prove Effectiveness in Preclinical Trials: IEEE, June
Learn New Skills With Superhuman Speed: IEEE, June
We Will End Disability by Becoming Cyborgs: IEEE, June
12 Foods That Can Help You Sleep: AARP, May
Request to be Forgotten: Now on Google: IEEE, May
Doctors’ Ignorance Stands In The Way Of Care For The Disabled
: NPR, May
Aero-X Hoverbike To Go on Sale in 2017
: IEEE, May
How to Automate Your Home Without Rewiring
: IEEE, May
Liquid Metal Reconnects Severed Nerves in Frogs
: IEEE, May
Dean Kamen’s “Luke Arm” Prosthesis receives FDA Approval
: IEEE, May
Jose Delgado, Jr. Compares his $50 3D-printed hand to his $42,000 Myoelectric prosthesis
: 3D Universe, April
Electrical Spine Stimulation Helps Paralyzed Patients Regain Some Movement
: IEEE, April
Nest Labs Suspends Sale of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector until Software Fixed: IEEE, April
Electronic Skin Patch With Memory and Drug Delivery Capability Could Treat Parkinson’s: IEEE, March
Gold Nanoparticles and Near-infrared Light Kill Cancer Cells With Heat
: IEEE, March
Cyborg Drumming Arm Makes Amputee Into Superhuman Musician
: IEEE, March
“Naked Truths” About Wearable Electronics: IEEE, March
The Latest DIY Craze: Brain Hacking: IEEE, March
Smartphone Voting Reduces User Errors in Mock Election: IEEE, March
Electrical Stimulator to Prevent Migraines Receives FDA Approval: IEEE, March
Putting Electronics in People: IEEE, March
U.S. Paralympics
: TeamUSA, March
Military Training Gives U.S. Paralympic Biathletes An Edge: NPR, March
From War in the Desert To ‘Murder Ball On Ice’
: NPR, March
Myo Armband Provides Effortless Gesture Control of Robots, Anything Else
: IEEE, February
Nanomotors Could Churn Inside of Cancer Cells to Mush
: IEEE, February
A Hearing Device With No Stigmatizing External Hardware
: IEEE, February
Amputee Successfully Feels Prosthetic Grip Strength Via Arm Electrodes
: IEEE, February
Girls get exposed to Science, Engineering
: Albuquerque Journal, February
Google working on Smart Contact Lenses to Monitor Diabetes
: IEEE, January
Brain Games: Move Objects With Your Mind To Find Inner Calm
: NPR, January
: NPR TED Radio Hour, January
‘Jumping Genes’ Linked to Schizophrenia: Livescience, January
Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You’ve Taken Music Lessons: National
Geographic, January
Life After Brain Death: Is the Body Still ‘Alive’?: Livescience, January
More Evidence Suggests Type 2 Diabetes Is Inflammatory Disease: Science Daily, January
Scientists Uncover Most Detailed Picture Yet of Muscular Dystrophy Defect Then Design Targeted New Drug Candidates: Science Daily, January
For The Blind, Connected Devices Create A Novel Way To Read: NPR, January
BlueStar, the First Prescription-Only App: IEEE, January
When Will We Have Robots To Help With Household Chores?: IEEE, January


NeuroPace: Controlling Epilepsy With a Brain Implant: IEEE, December
The U.S. BRAIN Initiative Boldly Begins: IEEE, December
“Princess Machine”: Encouraging Girls in STEM with a Rube Goldberg Contraption Music Video: IEEE, November
Electric Device That Tells You When to Pee
: IEEE, November
Teeny Tiny Pacemaker Fits Inside the Heart: IEEE, October
Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Paralyzed Rat’s Gait: IEEE, October
Spinal Stimulation Gets Paralyzed Patients Moving
: IEEE, October
The Race To Get Your Hands Off The Wheel: IEEE, Sepember
News for Nose: Machines Use Odor to Diagnose Disease
: IEEE, September
When do transparent packages increase (or decrease) food consumption?
: American Marketing Association, September
Becoming Bionic: Engineering Beyond Biology: IEEE, August
Electronic Skin Lights Up When Touched: IEEE, August
Bionic Skin for a Cyborg You
: IEEE, August
Prosthetic Limbs Offer a Sense of Touch
: IEEE, August
Controlling Robots With Your Thoughts: NASA Tech Briefs, August
Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities Beyond Normal Limits: Scientific American, August
The Future of Pharmaceuticals Could Be Electronic Implants: IEEE, July
The History of Hearing Aids
: IEEE, July
To Make Hearing Aid Affordable, Firms Turns on Bluetooth
: NPR, July
A Pacemaker for Your Digestive System: IEEE, June
Building Smarter Wheelchairs: IEEE, June
Transforming Preconceptions: New Mobility, June
Quadcopter control in three-dimensional space using a noninvasive motor imagery-based brain computer interface
: IOP Science, June
Steered by thoughts, drone flies through hoops:
NewScientist, June
With Adaptive Skiing, Disabled People No Longer Left Out In The Cold: NPR, March
“Bionic Eye” Implants Will Hit The U.S. Market This Year
: IEEE, February
Spinal cord patients benefit from massage therapy
: Int J Neurosci, February


iCandy: Robots and Us: IEEE, December
Wearable Computers the Size of Buttons to Monitor Health: IEEE, December
Artificial Skin Can Feel and Heal
: IEEE, Nov
Paraplegic Skydiver Gains Solo Certification
: New Mobility, November
Bebionic3 Cyborg Hand is Perfect for Pouring a Beer, Doing Almost Anything Else: IEEE, November
The New Medicine: Hacking Our Biology
(An IEEE Spectrum, NSF Radio Special)
Toyota’s New Human Support Robot Gives Disabled Humans a Hand (and an Arm): IEEE, October
Novel One-Step System for Restoring Voice in Throat Cancer Patients: Science Daily, October
New Metric to Track Prosthetic Arm Progress: Science Daily, October
Brain-Computer Interface for Spinal Cord Injury: IEEE, September
Paraplegic Patient Tests a Medical Exoskeleton: IEEE, September
Hardware-in-Loop Heart Simulator Takes Top Test System Honors: IEEE, August
Training the Brain for Happiness: IEEE, August
Cheap, Pressure-Sensing ‘Electronic Skin’: IEEE, August
Neural Interface for Hand Prosthesis Can Restore Function in Brain Areas Responsible for Motor Control: Science Daily, August
Prosthetics: A Career That Changes Lives: IEEE, July
Farmers Tough On Artificial Limbs: Science Daily, July
Prosthetics of the Future: Driven by Thoughts, Powered by Bodily Fluids: IEEE, June
Bionic Leg Makes Amputee Faster on His Feet: Medical Design Briefs, May
Middle Ear MEMS Microphone Could Restore Hearing: IEEE, May
Algorithms Replace Spinal Cord in New Approach to Neural Prosthetics: IEEE, April
Restoration of grasp following paralysis through brain-controlled stimulation of muscles: Nature, April
This is your Brain: NSF, March
How to Control a Prosthesis With Your Mind: IEEE, March
Birth of the Bionic Eye: IEEE, January



Ekso Exoskeleton Hits the Market: IEEE, December
Living Beyond Limits: TED, November
Mind Reading Computer System May Help People With Locked-in Syndrome: NSF, October

Matthew Sanford – Mind Body Solutions



A Retinal Prosthesis Turned On By Light: IEEE, November
A Belt for Better Balance: IEEE, October
Synthetic Skin Sensitive to the Lightest Touch
: IEEE, September
Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Limb System to Be Tested On Human Subjects
: Science Daily, August
Bionics: National Geographic, January
Wild Wheelchair Design: New Mobility, Jan



Osteoporosis Update: Avoiding the Breaks: New Mobility, Dec
Clinical Trial Shows Quadriplegics Can Operate Powered Wheelchair With Tongue Drive System
: NSF, July
Using Unconstrained Tongue Motion as an Alternative Control Mechanism for Wheeled Mobility: IEEE, June
The Revolution Will Be Prosthetized, IEEE, January



“Nerds Girls” — TV Program Challenges Stereotypes: IEEE, May

The Adjustable Camber Axle Plate (ACAP): Redesign of a Wheelchair Axle Plate for Rapid Changes in Wheel Camber: RESNA, June



Born to Run: IEEE, November



21st Century Seating: New Mobility, July



Spinal cord patients benefit from massage therapy: Int J. Neurosci, Feb



Craniosacral Therapy and Spinal Cord Injury: Feb/March



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IEEE Biomedical News and Articles
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Livescience: Science News — Science Articles and Current Events
Medical Design Briefs sponsored by Nasa Tech Briefs
National Geographic: Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888
NPR: National Public Radio
NPR TED Radio Hour: TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
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