W e l c o m e     t o     5 0 5 a c c e s s!


Wheelchair Clinic

Have you woken up one day to find the wheelchair you depend on won’t budge and you can’t get to work?  Don’t have a spare chair and can’t send your wheelchair off for needed repairs?  Going on vacation and don’t have the time to get the hair, grease and dirt off the casters and wheels before you leave?

These are times when you need a wheelchair Housecall. We will come to you!    Wherever you are1, we will get you rolling again.

Do you have a wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device that needs a little adjustment? Do you just need help replacing the wheels or bearings on your wheelchair?  Whether you need next-day or scheduled servicing, we will come to you.

Introducing FOREVER Certificates:  Manual Certificates and Power Certificates NEVER expire and may be used for Housecalls within the City of Albuquerque, NM, at any time2.

After being on your wheelchair all day, are you frustrated with making do with something that doesn’t fit you quite right?  Does your custom wheelchair not feel as good as it used to?  Ever wonder why there has been improvements to every consumer product except wheelchairs?!  Come into my Wonderland to start making life better and easier!  We help make your ideas for improvements or designs into reality by creating custom parts designed especially for you or someone you care about.

We believe that the better informed we are, the better we make our designs and decisions.  Check out selected on-line articles and DIY pages.  Come to Wonderland and see what we can do together!

Feel free to contact us by email or phone (333-8849).

See you soon!


1 Please see our current service areas.
2 Housecall appointment required.  Use our Contact Us page or call us at 333-8849 for an appointment.