W e l c o m e!


Wheelchair Clinic

At 505acccess, we are modifying our services to better accommodate our subscribers’ needs and those of our local community. As such, we are devoting more time to research and develop affordable, useful wheeled mobility devices and add-ons.

Also, we are looking to create a makerspace for anyone interested in accessibility for ALL. Feel free to let us know how we’re doing and suggest changes you’d like to see.

We work with you to design custom add-ons, modifications and wheeled mobility devices — from functional to whimsical .


  • Gary wants an easy way to attach a wheelchair to a shopping cart.
    Maneuvering a shopping cart attached directly to a wheelchair.
  • Release shopping cart catch using only thumb.
    Easy release of Direct Wheelchair to Shopping Cart Attachment.
  • Original walker only moves straight when propelled while seated.
    Walker that "only goes straight!"
  • Replaced (original) fixed wheels with stem swivel casters with brakes and soft-grip mountain-bike handles.
    Claire with walker that TURNS!
  • Original stroller for special-needs child.
  • Stroller -- 2 inches taller.
  • Stroller -- 2 inches taller and child-safe.
  • Original Jazzy Select Elite.
  • 'Jazzy' Julia!

See you soon!