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Wheelchair Clinic

At 505access, we are modifying our services to better accommodate our subscribers’ needs and those of our local community. As such, we are devoting more time to research and develop affordable, useful wheeled mobility devices and accessible technologies.

The Maker movement attracts people of all disciplines into a world where they can create, make or customize. At 505access, we are working to cultivate individual self-reliance and local community empowerment in the Land of Enchantment through accessibility technologies. To realize this aspiration, we are connecting and collaborating with local makerspaces, non-profits, and state organizations.

5065access displays and demonstrates inexpensive, customizable DIY control devices.

505access at the Albuquerque Mini Makerfaire 2015.


In partnership with a local organization for the homeless and near-homeless, our wheelchair clinics provided free basic care and maintenance along with modifications of wheeled mobility devices. Don’t be stuck with humdrum, factory issue “one-size-fits-all” – customizations can range from functional to whimsical!

  • Gary wants an easy way to attach a wheelchair to a shopping cart.
    Maneuvering a shopping cart attached directly to a wheelchair.

We have recently partnered with an Albuquerque not-for-profit charter high school to help empower the next generation of young adults to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Students participate in hands- on explorations of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). The skills and knowledge they gain are used in projects that help New Mexicans with disabilities through the NM Technology Assistance Program. As a springboard into making accessible devices, students will create a customizable capacitive touch keyboard and will be encouraged to innovate on the original design while being mindful of costs and usability. With greater availability of affordable Do-It-Yourself (DIY) components, students are only confined and limited by their imaginations in creating new devices.

Washable accessible computer keyboard and mouse controller

Washable accessible computer keyboard and mouse controller using Arduino Leonardo and MPR121 breakout boards

Fun workshops that introduce kids of all ages to electronics and coding are ways in which 505access helps to cultivate and encourage understanding of our increasingly complex world. Through outreach workshops in local and national organizations, 505access hopes to spread our enthusiasm in life-long learning (and tinkering) to kids of all ages! We recognize that contributions and partnerships with all communities in which we belong are essential to all our future successes.

Join our efforts to increase accessibility for ALL!